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How to Schedule Backup

All-in-one solution for Backup, Restore and Migration.

How to Schedule Backup


This guide shows you how you can schedule your backup. You can choose from the predefined intervals like 30 minutes, 1 hour, one day, or one week etc, or you can set custom time as per your need. 

Setting up a Backup Schedule

We are assuming here that you are using Backuply Pro.

  • On your WordPress Install Dashboard Go to Backuply > Settings Tab
  • In Settings Tab you will find Auto Backup Settings, In there select your preferred interval in the Auto Backup input.
Select Auto Backup Interval
  • Once you have selected the Auto Backup interval then you need to select Auto Backup option
  • Now just Save the settings and your Auto Backup will start working.

Backup Rotation

There is one more option in Auto Backups Settings that is Backup Rotation.
So lets say, you turn on your Auto Backup, so it will keep creating backups after given interval as long as you don't stop it, so Backups will keep filling your chosen storage which can be an issue for some, So what Backup Rotation does is that it lets you decide how many Auto Backups you want to keep and discards old once. Backup rotation supports up-to 10 backups if you need more than that just set it to unlimited(i.e; No backup will be deleted).

Backup Rotation Options

Example of Backup Rotation :- Lets say you set Backup Rotation to 3, so it will delete older backups after the Auto Backup created for that location reaches 3 Backups, So when any new backup will be made it will delete old once, keeping just 3 newest Backups.

Custom Auto Backup

So in case the time intervals we have defined aren't enough for you, then Backuply supports CRON Jobs, you will have to set it manually on your control panel. For that just set the Time values based of the CRON, which you can understand from the image below.
Your server need to have wget installed on it for this Custom Auto Backup to work


Now after you have have set the time,  you can copy the command and set it in your control panels CRON job, so that cron will execute our given command based on the given time interval.
Now lets take an example in the image below we have set a CRON time of 5 0 * 8 * so it will run at 00:05 in August.

Custom Cron Example

That's how you can schedule a Backup in Backuply, if you face any issue feel free to contact out Support team, we will be glad to help you out.

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