Easy Backup and Restore

Backup and restores with Backuply are fairly simple with a wide range of storage options from FTP to cloud options like AWS S3

Backup support for 8 remote locations

We have support for 8 remote locations like FTP, FTPS, SFTP, WebDAV, Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, AWS S3 and more to come..

One-click Restore

Backuply comes with just once click restore all you need to do it just wait for it to get done, It's that simple.

Comprehensive Backup

Every part of your site gets backuped completely –  Database and files. Backuply backups go the whole distance.


Auto Backups

Backuply supports auto Backups so your website data keeps getting saved even when you are not around.

Stress-free Migrations

Migrating sites is hard work. That’s why our one-click migration tool, Backuply's seamless clone process ensures we have all bases covered for you.

Compatible on 5,000+ web hosts

Pick any of the popular hosts in the world and Backuply can help you migrate your site to any of them.

Seamless Multisite Support

Backuply’s Migrate feature handles complex WordPress multi-site migration.

Zero Downtime Guaranteed

Backuply migrations place minimal load on your site, so there’s no risk of crashing your site. No downtime and zero troubleshooting.

Easiest Migration Process

Backuply’s easy single step migration – no packages, archiving, installations, or intermediate uploads and downloads.

Live Progress Updates

Sit back and relax while Backuply takes care of the rest. Get timely updates and email notifications about your migration status.

Complete Flexibility

Backuply lets you Migrate to any were you can install WordPress, the host or service provider doesn't matters.

Why Website Migrations can be
Hard Work

Unsupported Web Hosts

Handling web hosting providers and their unique requirements can be quite a task.

Downtime for Large sites

Server timeouts and increased downtime for large sites are quite common.

Incomplete Migrations

Your migrated website might malfunction – with broken links, pages, and URLs.

Complete Flexibility

Migrate a WordPress site to a new web host, or URL. Whatever your needs – Backuply has you covered.