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Backuply Affiliate Program

How to get Started?

1. Sign Up on Softaculous and become an affiliate.
Sign Up here and select Backuply from list of options and add the way which you will promote and submit it.

2. We will approve you within 24 hours of your submission.
We will approve your affiliate account as soon as possible, to prevent rejection make sure you read Affiliate FAQ at the end of this page.

3. Now you are ready to Promote.
Once you are approved you can start promoting Backuply, it can be promoted via text links or though graphics, for graphics you can use our Brand assets. If you want to use your own banners make sure you dont alter the logo and the color scheme which we have mentioned on Brand Assets.

4. Get Paid.
You will get paid after you have reached $50, we will pay using PayPal. And there is no limit on how much you can earn. You will be given 25% commission on every sale you make.


  • Create Videos about Backuply on your channel.
  • Write articles or blogs about Backuply.
  • Write educational tutorials.
  • Spread positive awareness about Backuply.
  • Share about Backuply on your Social Media.


  • Use your affiliate link on coupon, promo, or deal site.
  • Spamming the affiliate links without having a meaningful conversation.
  • Don't use affiliate link for your own purchase.
  • Altering our Brand identity without our consent.
  • Making false claims about our product to sell it.
  • Use unethical means to manipulate search engine.


How much can I earn?

Sky is the limit, we don't have a limit on how much you can earn. We pay 25% commission on each successful sale. The more you promote us the more you will earn.

How to check commission earned?

You can check the stats of your earnings from the Softaculous Client panel.

What count as a successful sale?

We have a 30 day refund policy so once a sale passes that refund time. It will be counted as a successful sale.

How will I get Paid?

We pay through PayPal on 30th of every month. So if the balance in your account reached $50 you will be paid on 30th of the month.

Will I get paid for renewal of License?

Sorry but we don't pay for renewals or upgrades.

How do you track affiliate links?

We use cookie based tracking. The cookie has a lifespan of 60 days. So if the user buys our product within 60 days of click from your link. It will be counted as your referral.

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