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How to setup Vultr Object Storage

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How to setup Vultr Object Storage


Vultr is one the popular cloud service provider. So in this guide we will help you setup Vultr Object Storage on Backuply.

Here we are assuming you already have registered and setup Vultr account.

Create Object Storage

One you have create and setup your Vultr account, you need to create Object Storage. To create Object Storage do as follows :-

  • Go to Products on Vultr Dashboard.
  • On the Product Page go to Objects tab.
  • On the Objects tab Click on the Object Storage.
  • Then a page will open there you will be asked to select Location and label, the just select add.
Create Vultr Object Storage
Vultr Add Object Storage

Now your Object Storage has been created and is ready to use

Setup Object Storage

As your object storage is created. Now we need to setup Vultr Object Storage on Backuply.

  • On your WordPress admin in Left Navigation go to Backuply > Dashboad.
  • There in Backup Location tab click on Add Backup Location button.
  • Now on Vultr go to Manage Object Storage, there you will get the credentials and endpoint of Vultr Object storage we will connect to. See the screenshot below.
Manage Vultr Object Storage

Now you need to fill out the form and add credentials from Vultr Object you just created as shown in the image below.

Vultr Object Storage Creds
Add Vultr to Backuply

Once you have filled all the information click on Add Backup Location. And that's it. If you filled correct information, then your backup location will be added and now you can create your backup. If you are not familiar with how to backup your site with Backuply then check this guide How to Backup a WordPress site

If you face any issue feel free to contact out support team, we will help you out.

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