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How to setup FTPS on Backuply

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How to setup FTPS on Backuply


In this guide we will help you setup FTPS on Backuply. FTPS is the secure version of FTP, its FTP over SSL/TLS

Adding FTPS

  • On your WordPress dashboard go to Backuply -> Backup Locations.
  • Look for Add Backup Location button and click it a modal will appear.
Add Backup Locations Tab
  • In the modal look for Protocol Input and select FTPS in that.
  • After Selecting it fill there required details, there will be 7 fields that you need to fill, One is Protocol input that you already have selected as FTPS.

    Location Name: It is used to identify your location as you can add Multiple FTPS backup locations.

    Server Host: Its the location of your FTPS for eg

    Port: The FTPS port usually the default port is 21.

    FTPS Username: Username of your FTPS account.

    FTPS Password: Password of your FTPS account.
    Backup Location:
    It's the name of the folder where your files will be saved it requires a relative path.

  • Once you have filled all the Above details click Add Backup Location button in the modal. And that's it FTPS Location has been added you can check it in Backup Location Tab.
Adding FTPS Details

If you face any issue feel free to contact our Support Team, we would be glad to help you out.

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