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How to setup Dropbox on Backuply

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How to setup Dropbox on Backuply


In this guide we will help you setup Dropbox on Backuply. Dropbox is one of the popular proprietary cloud platform.

setting-up Dropbox

  • On Your WordPress Dashboard go to Backuply -> Backup Locations Tab
  • Look for Add Location Button and a pop-up will appear.
Add Backup Locations Tab
  • In the modal look for Protocol Input and select Dropbox.
  • After selecting it fill the details, you will have 3 Inputs, one being Protocol which we have already set, the other one is

    Location Name: Its is used to identify your Backup location as you can add multiple locations with Dropbox

    Backup Location(optional): It's the folder you want to store your backup if left empty it will be stored in root of Backuply created folder.

  • Once you have filled all the fields and then click Add Backup Location Button. The you will be redirected to allow Backuply to access Dropbox
Adding Dropbox
  • After being redirected to Dropbox, if you see an Alert then click on Continue, it's is for if you trust Backuply.
Dropbox Security Notice
  • After that you will be asked to allow Backuply access to your Dropbox, So click on allow to let us have it's access
Dropbox allow access to Backuply App
  • Once you allow Backuply then you will be redirected back to your WordPress Dashboard, if it states Backup Location added successfully, then Dropbox has been set up and you can check it on the Backup Location tab.
Dropbox integrated on Backuply

If you face any issue then feel free to contact our Support Team, we would be glad to help you out.

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