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How to setup Amazon S3 on Backuply

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How to setup Amazon S3 on Backuply


This guide will help you setup Amazon S3 on Backuply. AWS is the most popular cloud platform, and it provides Object Storage service which offers industry-leading scalability, data availability, security and performance.

Setting-up Amazon S3

  • On your WordPress Dashboard go to Backuply -> Backup Locations.
  • Look for Add Backup Location button and click it a modal will appear.
Add Backup Locations Tab
  • In the modal look for Protocol Input and select Amazon S3 in that
  • After Selecting it fill there required details, there will be 8 fields after selecting Amazon S3

    Location Name: It just work as an identifier to identify a particular location as multiple locations could be set on Amazon S3.

    AWS S3 Endpoint: Its the end point where your bucket will be created. for example

    AWS S3 Region: Its the region of AWS servers where your files are located.

    AWS S3 Access Key and Secret Key: AWS gives you this key to authenticate your authenticity.

    Bucket Name: Its the location where you want to store your backups, if left blank a bucket will be created on its own(the bucket name should follow certain naming conventions firstly it should contain lowercase characters).

    Backup Location(optional): Its the folder you want to upload your backups, if left blank it will place the backup at the root location, which is inside the Bucket you set in the field above.

  • Once you have filled all the Above details click Add Backup Location button in the modal. And that's it Amazon S3 Location has been added you can check it in Backup Location Tab.
Adding Amazon S3
Amazon S3 added to Backuply

If you face any issue feel free to contact our customer Support Team, we would be glad to help you out.

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