How to Migrate your WordPress site from Local Folder

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How to Migrate your WordPress site from Local Folder


In this guide we will help you migrate your WordPress site when the backup is created on Local folder.

Migrating Website

Here we are assuming you have already created a backup.

  • Once you have created a backup download the backup file.
  • Once you have the downloaded the .tar.gz file you need to have a info file too. For which you need to go to your file manager in there go to /wp-content/backuply/backup-info folder of your WordPress install location.

    In there you will find a file with same name as the backup file you downloaded just the extension would be .php. So just download that file too.
  • Now go to the file manager of your new site and upload the backup file to /wp-content/backuply/backups folder and the info file to /wp-content/backuply/backup-info folder.
  • After you have uploaded both files go to Backuply Dashboard on your new site where you want to migrate. then go to Backup History Tab and there you will find the backup you want to migrate.
  • Now just click on restore and wait for restore to complete. Once restore completes your website would be completely migrated and you are free to use it.
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