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How to Activate Backuply Cloud Plan

All-in-one solution for Backup, Restore and Migration.

How to Activate Backuply Cloud Plan

In this docs we will help you activate Backuply Cloud plan, in Backuply.


  • License key which would be something like BAKLY-11111-22222-33333-44444

Activating Backuply Cloud plan in Backuply requires you to link your License and then add Backuply Cloud storage, this process is described in next few sections.

Backuply Cloud plan does not requires a Pro version of Backuply as it works from the free version only.

Linking License

To link your license follow the steps given below :-

  • Log in to your WordPress admin and go to Backuply --> Backuply Cloud page from left navigation of WordPress.
  • Once you get on the Backuply Cloud page there is a field for license enter the License you bought in that field and update it, as shown in the screenshot below.
Backuply Linking Backuply Cloud license

Once the license has been linked and now we need to add Backuply Cloud location to be able to use features like Auto Backups and the cloud location.

Note: It is mandatory to add Backuply Cloud location to be able to use Auto Backup.

Adding Backuply Cloud location

To know how to add Backuply Cloud please check the doc on How to add Backuply Cloud Location

It has a detailed guide on how to add Backuply Cloud location.

If you still face any issue contact us at we will help you out.

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