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How to Restore your WordPress site Manually

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How to Restore your WordPress site Manually

In this guide we will help you restore your WordPress site manually if you have a backup with you.

Restoring WordPress site manually can be done in two parts, one being restoring the Directories and the other being the database.

Note: If you are restoring your site manually make sure you first download the wp-config.php file, if there is already a blank install present there which you will be replacing.

So let's start restoring your website:-

Restoring Directories

  • In your control Panel go to the File manager
  • Upload the Backup .tar.gz file in the location you want to restore the file in inside public_html directory for example you want to restore your website on the root then you will need to upload the file directaly inside the public_html directory or if you want to restore inside a direcotry the you will need to place the backup in inside that directory like /public_html/yourdirectory/backup.tar.gz.
  • Once the file is uploaded all you need to do is extract thar .tar.gz backup file.

That's all you need to do to restore directories.

Restoring Database

Restoring database is as simple as restoring Directories.
  • After the directories has been restored open the wp-config.php file.
  • In wp-config.php file check the database name.
  • Now open phpMyadmin from your control Panel, and look for the database you just saw in the wp-config.php file.
  • Once you locate that database open it and look for import in top navigation.
  • Before importing the database you will need to delete the old tables if they have same names, as that will create conflict, before dropping those old tables make sure to export them first in case there is some issue while importing.
  • Now an import page will open with an option to select the database file.
  • Now on your local machine extract the softsql.sql file from the backup and upload it in the import page.
  • Once you do that click on Go button on the bottom of Import page, it will take some time depending on your database file size.
  • After Import completes check the database prefix with the prefix defined in the wp-config.php file, if they are not similar then change the prefix in wp-config.php file.

And its all done, your website is restored, if you face any issue doing that then contact us at

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