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Backuply v1.3.1 Launched

All-in-one solution for Backup, Restore and Migration.

Backuply v1.3.1 Launched

We have launched Backuply v1.3.1. This is a minor release with a bug fix.

The change logs are as follows:-

  • [Bug-Fix] There was a issue with restore for some user, where Backuply was unable to unzip, that has been fixed.

  • [Bug-Fix] There was an issue with migration in case when the wp-config.php file was not writable, that has been fixed.
  • [Bug-Fix] sanitize_file_name function was adding a _ in the file names which was preventing downloads for some domains, which has been fixed.
  • [Bug-Fix] Some PHP warnings has been fixed.

We are constantly working on improving Backuply, if you have any suggestion or feedback, write us at

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