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Backuply 1.0.5 Launched: WP CLI Support

All-in-one solution for Backup, Restore and Migration.

Backuply 1.0.5 Launched: WP CLI Support

In this version we are adding support for wp-cli. So now you can use Backuply via command line too and there are some bug fixes as listed below.

Updates in Backuply version 1.0.5 are:-

  • Added support for WP-CLI so you can backup and restore using CLI
  • Improved the promotional nag so it won't cause inconvenience to our users.
  • There was a PHP warning that was showing up while syncing or restoring from Dropbox that has been fixed.
  • There was an issue while deleting Google Drive backups that has been fixed.

Here is the list of functionality you can use using WP-CLI.

  • List Backups or Backup Locations.
  • Create Backup.
  • Restore Backup.
  • Sync Backups with cloud storage.
  • Stop or Kill Backup or restore.
  • Check backup or restore progress.

Here is the detailed guide on how to use Backuply using WP-CLI.

We will take a brief look at Backuply's support for WP-CLI using a small tutorial on how to backup and restore.

How to use Backuply from WP-CLI

To follow along make sure you are in the folder of your WordPress installation in which Backuply Pro is installed.

Firstly to get the list of all the commands that Backuply supports all you need to do is use a simple command listed below.

wp backuply

wp backuply command

wp backuply command

Creating Backup

Now as you can see the list in the image above. To backup we need to know 2 fields --exclude and --location_id.

--exclude is optional and if you want to backup on local folder then you can leave the --location_id option too so it will pick the default value which is 0 that is local folder.

wp backuply backup --exclude=dir

The above command will only backup database and will store the backup in Local Storage as we didn't mention the location_id the WP-CLI will use the default value.

Create Backup using WP-CLI

Creating Backup using WP-CLI

Checking Progress

Now as we have initiated the Backup we need check if it got completed so to do that we can check the progress with the progress command.

wp backuply progress

WP-CLI Backup Progress

We can get the output in few different formats as the table format is the default you can get it in json or yaml format too.

Listing Backups

Now as we have a backup we will see how to restore it. So to restore we need to know the backup name.
For that we can use the command

wp backuply list backups

WP CLI list backups

As progress command you can get output in json or yaml format too.

restoring Backup

Now as we have the backup name we want to restore we can restore our WordPress site using WP-CLI

wp backuply restore --backup_name=<backup_name>

Restore Website using WP-CLI

So restore has been initiate and you can check the status using the progress command.

Using Backuply WP-CLI is fairly simple you just need to read the docs once and you will be easily able to hand your backups from terminal or automate in the way you want.

The Backuply team has been constantly working to improve the plugin and make backup and restores effortless.

We hope you will like this update and if you have any feedback or suggestion on how we can improve WP-CLI support or Backuply in general then write to us at

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